Yoga Pain And Stress Routine For Gardeners





Do Ten Minutes of Yoga Before and After Gardening and Avoid the After Effects

3 of the best yoga routines to do specifically before the physical activities of gardening and 3 special yoga routines to do that will revitalize your body after working in the garden.

Every gardener knows the various aches and pains associated with the work that goes into gardening. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Add a few minutes of the right Yoga poses and most, if not all the aggravation can be alleviated.

Benefits Of Yoga Before Gardening

Doing Yoga before gardening will help with muscle strain, lower back stress, sciatic nerve impingement, muscle spasm, pressure on your spinal cord, and disc herniation. That was quite a mouthful but the benefits really do cover a lot of things you can mitigate.

Benefits Of Yoga After Gardening

Doing Yoga after gardening reduces stiffness in the spine, lower back, hips, chest, and shoulders. The stretching and twisting of the poses not only hydrates the spinal discs, but they also lengthen, relax, and work to realign the spine.

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