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Starting Seeds Indoors Is Easy

Starting seeds indoors can give you a lot of benefits. It’s very practical – it can save you money, it extends your growing season and it provides you a wider variety of plants to choose from.

My Best Raised Bed Gardens Tips

As a backyard gardener there’s no better, more productive way to grow a garden than in a raised bed. In this article I give you my best recommendations to get one started and make it productive.

28 Days From Seed To Salad

Who doesn’t like a great salad? You could be dining on five tasty vegetables that you can grow in less than a month. Here’s my list with all the details and links where you can purchase the seeds right away.

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Yoga Pain And Stress Routine For Gardeners

Do Ten Minutes of Yoga Before and After Gardening and Avoid the After Effects 3 of the best yoga routines to do specifically before the physical activities of gardening and 3 special yoga routines to do that will revitalize your body after working in the garden. Every gardener knows the various aches and pains associated with bending

The Quick Start Guide To Freezing & Blanching Garden Vegetables

When You Grow More Than You Can Use It’s so easy to under estimate the amount your garden will produce and it often leads to over planting. There is a solution though. You can preserve most crops by freezing. Freezing is the easiest, most convenient and least time-consuming method of preserving most veggies.

Solar Powered Garden Water Feature Parts List

Everything you need to build an 1110 gallon per hour solar powered garden water feature. Include links to purchase all components from Amazon Solar panel & pump, Flexible hose, Hose clamps,  Pond liner or choose one of the pre-cast rigid pond liners.